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Junk Removal

M & S Total Home Care LLC can be your go-to solution for House Cleanouts, Property Cleanouts, Debris Removal, Furniture Removal, Garbage Removal, Hot Tub Removal, and any kind of cleanouts or garbage removal that you can possibly think of. The list is literally endless!

What To Expect

At M & S Total Home Care LLC you can expect top of the line junk removal, handled by professionals that have been trained in this field and customer service! You would be notified every step of the way, so you stay informed on the entire process. There is NO HIDDEN FEES! We can either schedule a time to come by and pick up the junk for you with no hassle or a on the spot pick up if the service is needed right away. We have competitive pricing that can be by the job, or by the trailer load, which ever is more convenient. 

What can we haul away?

  • Large pieces of unwanted furniture

  • Unwated household clutter

  • Washer/Dryer

  • Stoves or other appliances

  • Total house clean-outs

  • Total garage clean-outs

  • Trash/garbage

  • Lawn mower removal

  • Swingset & Playset removal

  • TV disposal/ electronic waste

  • Estate clean-outs 

  • Shed demolition and removal

  • Yard Debris clean-up

  • Extra dirt/earth

  • DIY project debris clean-up

  • Boats

       And so much more...​

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